Monday, February 14, 2011

Blue Mountain (D) (9,230 ft.), UN9122

14 February, 2011:After Crystal Peak, I ventured south across Hwy. 24, for the two other ranked peaks on the same quad (Lake George). Taking the Blue Mountain Road (CR 61/CR 98) just over 5 miles south out of Lake George leads to a Forest Service road heading north into the valley between these peaks. A 4-mile "Y" route allowed me to hit both these peaks in just over 2 hours. UN9122 proved to be harder, with a rocky summit requiring a bit of light scrambling. Happily, both summits held registers just under 3 years old. I was signer #12 on Blue Mtn. A scout troop and a camp staff group had swelled the numbers on 9122, but these are amazingly rarely visited peaks for being so easy, and easy to get to. A little chip off the 200 ranked peaks of Park County.
Long life and many peaks!

UN 9580, Crystal Peak (9,637 ft.)

14 February, 2011: Happy Valentine's Day! These two Teller County 9ers constitute an isolated group north of Florissant. And, unfortunately, just south of the NF boundary. But they're both ranked peaks with dramatic rocky summits, so, after hesitating for months, I looked for the closest approach and set off on a Monday morning after morning commuter traffic should be over. It worked. BTW, I'm far from the only one to bag these peaks, although the number is not large.
Although they're both below timberline, both summits are exposed and treeless, affording excellent views in basically all directions. I was also blessed with a morning of clear skies, mild temperatures, and only modest breeziness. Both summits were fun to climb, offering great scrambling and bouldering. Crystal is a real challenge, and I circled halfway around the base of its summit block before finding away through the rocks to the small summit area. These peaks bring me up to 33 out of 54 in Teller County.
Long life and many peaks!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

2 February, 2011: Has anyone else noticed that the people of Egypt are now showing more spine in the face of dictatorship than we Americans have for decades? The government knocked out the internet, and cell phone communications, and it still didn't work to stop the opposition! Are you ashamed yet?