Wednesday, August 14, 2013

California Peak (13,849 ft.)

5 August, 2013: After having been picked up in Rio Rancho by new hiking partners James and George the evening before, we drove north to Colorado. We arrived at the Lower Huerfano TH (37.6389° N, 105.4712° W), up the river from the tiny town of Gardner at about 11:30 pm. After deploying the amazing car-top tent (see photos), we set the alarm for a lazy 5 am, and settled in for a half-night's sleep.
We followed the good Zapata Trail through a series of switchbacks in lush forest, up to a saddle on California's long north ridge. From there, it's technically easy going, but this route is a real test of patience. We counted four major false summits, plus numerous smaller ridge bumps, which had to add at least 500 vertical feet to the climb.
Still, it was an enjoyable ridge run in generally pleasant, sunny conditions. We finally hit the summit somewhere around noon. Because this peak doesn't see a lot of traffic, few people get the truly amazing view of the Blanca group fourteeners that one gets from here (again, see photos).
This was a new peak for all of us, and brought me to 62 centennials.
Some pictures are at:

Long life and many peaks!


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Your album appears to be private, as it said that I didn't have permission to view the photos.

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This must have been some error on my part. It is supposed to be viewable by anyone. I'll see if I can fix it.(I admit to having a lot of trouble understanding all the recent "improvements" on blogspot...)

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