Friday, October 19, 2012

Mount Ouray (13,971 ft.)

17 October, 2012: On the way up to Colorado Springs, I took a detour off US 285 to hit Centennial 13er Mt. Ouray. I knew it would be windy, but I didn't know how windy. I know there were gusts of at least 50 mph, and I strongly suspect that some were over 70 mph. Even with double layer gloves, the tips of my fingers got cold, despite the fact that the actual temperature never got down anywhere near freezing.  As a result, I wasn't willing to bare my hands, even briefly, to take any pictures at the higher elevations. I literally couldn't stay upright on numerous occasions. Even worse, I had to crawl on all fours, both up and down, for roughly the top 1,000 feet. This made for very slow going, and a much   longer day than planned.
A few pictures are at

RT: ~6 miles
Vert.: 3,100 ft.
crew: just me

Long life and many peaks!


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