Monday, February 14, 2011

Blue Mountain (D) (9,230 ft.), UN9122

14 February, 2011:After Crystal Peak, I ventured south across Hwy. 24, for the two other ranked peaks on the same quad (Lake George). Taking the Blue Mountain Road (CR 61/CR 98) just over 5 miles south out of Lake George leads to a Forest Service road heading north into the valley between these peaks. A 4-mile "Y" route allowed me to hit both these peaks in just over 2 hours. UN9122 proved to be harder, with a rocky summit requiring a bit of light scrambling. Happily, both summits held registers just under 3 years old. I was signer #12 on Blue Mtn. A scout troop and a camp staff group had swelled the numbers on 9122, but these are amazingly rarely visited peaks for being so easy, and easy to get to. A little chip off the 200 ranked peaks of Park County.
Long life and many peaks!


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