Monday, March 21, 2011

Nameless Rock Outcroppings

21 March, 2011: On a quick outing, I climbed two unnamed, unranked rocky high points on the west edge of Colorado Springs.
The first, suggested to me earlier this month on a drive-by, is located in Bear Creek Park at approximately
38.8223°N, 104.8877°W. The high point is at roughly 6,650 ft. I took a use trail leading north along the ridge top to the "back" side (i.e., the east side) of the rocks, which required only a bit of Class 2+ scrambling. I believe I also could see a doable route up a gully on the steeper west side, which would lead to the saddle just south of the summit. It looked like also no worse than 2+.
The second one is located a bit farther south, just off High Drive, at about
38.8180°N, 104.8954°W. It rises to about 6,680 ft. Here, too, I did not scale the (likely technical) east side, which rises up dramatically from the creek bed, but climbed to the ridge behind the promontory to approach the summit rocks. This one still required about ten or twelve feet of fairly exposed climbing that I would rate as Class 3. It would be a different matter if the rock were wet.
Long life and many peaks!


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