Thursday, August 19, 2010

St. Peter's Dome (9,720 ft.)
UN 10100 (D)

18 Aug., 2010: To stave off the worse effects of low altitude sickness, I headed for the Gold Camp Road (ex) shooting range parking lot to repeat St. Peter's Dome and UN 10100. I consoled myself with running the ridge in between the two peaks, which I had not done before.
Unlike my first climb of SPD, I left the trail and climbed the very steep gully on the south side to the notch between the two high points. This is actually a longer route to the actual summit, but it was more interesting.
Then, it was on to new territory. I dropped down to the west, and either went over or skirted several rock outcropping ridge points before climbing up to UN 10100 (D), a rarely-visited ranked peak. To my surprise, a Mike Garratt register had been placed in 2008. It had twenty or so entries, including "all the usual suspects." I believe I'm now the only person with two recorded climbs of this obscure peak.
I descended off the west side, and easily found the trail which leads down a gentle drainage back to the road. A third of a mile or so of jogging along the road--amazingly empty of cars--got me back to my car in just under two hours total.
A few pictures are at:
Long life and many peaks!


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