Monday, June 14, 2010

14 June, 2010: This is another of my rare departures from climbing, to make a brief comment on another extreme form of adventure: open sea sailing. Specifically, Abby Sunderland's unfortunately aborted attempt at circumnavigating the globe solo.
All of the people who are currently lambasting Abby's parents, and/or Abby, for launching this trip, and/or over the supposedly terrible "cost" of plucking her from her disabled craft, should just plain drop dead! Parents should tell their children to follow their dreams, not be timid and avoid risk. The idea that an obviously competent sailor like Ms. Sunderland should not have been, or, worse, should not have been allowed to be, out on the seas trying to accomplish something big like this, is simply the worst kind of anti-individualistic nonsense imaginable.
I say: Congrats to Abby Sunderland for taking on a truly great adventure! Sorry it didn't work out, but you have nothing for which to apologize. Congrats to Laurence and Marianne Sunderland for being such good parents, and helping to fuel their child's dreams and ambitions!
Long life and many peaks!


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